Book Review: There’s Something About Christmas, by Debbie Macomber

holidFotor1203193017I’ve always enjoyed reading Christmas Romances to escape the annoying and stressful real-life things that come with the Holidays. There’s Something About Christmas, by Debbie Macomber was an excellent Christmas read, packed with humor and romance. I absolutely loved this story.

Emma Collins is a bit of a scrooge… She hates Christmas, hates Christmas tress, hates Christmas lights, and she certainly hates fruit cake. So when her boss gives her the assignment to interview fruitcake recipe finalists for her job at the Examiner, she could really just scream. When she finds out this job involves flying in a small plane around the state, she really does scream…

Pilot Oliver Hamilton has offered to fly Emma around the state in exchange for free advertising of his airfreight business. He’s never heard a woman complain more about anything in his life, and to top things off, his dog and constant companion Oscar is allergic to Emma’s perfume. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, they begin to warm to each other. Emma thaws out considerably, she learns a few life lessons from the women she interviews, and she even begins to enjoy fruitcake! Her mother was always right, there really is something about Christmas!

5 stars!



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