Book Review: Timeless Love, by Ariana Miller

Image** spoiler alert ** Oh my… AMAZING! The ending hit me like a ton of bricks. My eyes welled up and chills ran down my spine. It was totally and completely unexpected, and suddenly it all made sense…

Timeless Love, by Ariana Miller is a story about two very different people with common ideals who come together as one. It is a story about heart break, relationships, and an ultimate sacrifice. It is beautifully written, and it will long stick with the reader after they put the book down. I know it will stick with me.

This isn’t your typical romance, and wasn’t at all what I was expecting. Most romances follow a common formula, ( a hero, heroine, and the villain), but Timeless Love is completely original and marches to a different beat.

Warren is a Hollywood actor/ director who is heavily involved with charitable events, and giving back to the community. He has a vivacious and beautiful model girlfriend named Sonya, and a loving family. He has it all and is living the high life, until he gets sick, and is in desperate need of an organ transplant to live.

Across the country is Pauline, a CPA who after a disastrous marriage, and an equally as disastrous relationship afterwards, gets involved with a charitable organization, (The Respect in Relationships Organization), donating to it to help the community. Coincidentally, Warren also contributes to the RRO. Pauline is depressed, and lonely, but trying to start a new chapter in her life in New York. One day she watches a TV show starring Warren, and she is hooked. Not only on the show, but him too.

Unbeknownst to Warren, he comes into Pauline’s life at a time when she was at her weakest. She latches on to him, and makes an irrevocable decision. Her obsessive love for him leads her to make an ultimate choice. A choice that mends her broken heart, and heals him in the process.

5 stars. This book is so touching, and I highly recommend it!

Click to purchase book! Timeless Love (Love Series)

***I received an ARC of this book from the Author for a fair & honest review.





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