Book Review: Death, Snow, and Mistletoe


deathsnowmistletoeI never do this but I read other reader’s reviews before writing my own. What I read from other readers didn’t surprise me, and I’m glad I’m not the only person who was utterly confused by this story.

I borrowed Death, Snow, and Mistletoe from my local library to get in the Christmas spirit. This book had sooo much potential. It really did. The title and cover immediately grabbed my attention, and the synopsis of the story sounded interesting enough. Unfortunately, I think there was way too much going on, (Christmas light debacle, a live baby in the manger scene fiasco, Nutcracker pageant wardrobe malfunction, a psychic, a missing child, a cold case reawakened and a child’s body who was missing for 30 years found, and two murders). If that sentence was annoying to read, imagine the book…

*Big sighs*

This is what would have made this story better, if one of the above things was focused on solely. I didn’t know what I was reading half the time. Of course I read this book till late in the night and was tired, but still. I normally love these holiday mysteries so I was totally disappointed that it didn’t meet my expectations.

I gave Death, Snow, and Mistletoe by Valerie Malmont 3 stars because like I said, it really did have so much potential, I liked the protagonist, and I enjoy Holiday mysteries in general.


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