Book Review: The Enlightening, by Adrianne James

the_enlighteningWow… I went through this book like a whirlwind, and devoured it within one afternoon. I LOVED it, even more than the first (and that one is hard to beat).

The Enlightening begins right where The Tempering left off, and the trio are forced to ignore their attractions and focus on staying alive as they trek off into the forest. They continue to be caught up in their love triangle, and Mackenzie is unable to decide between Geoff, a Were who gave up his home and family of 200 years, or Liam who is tied to her by a sire bond.

Their mission is to warn other packs about Margret and her plans to dominate the globe. At one of the camps, Mackenzie learns something that she wasn’t prepared for, which turns her world upside down… She always thought that being bitten was the worst thing to ever happen to her, but now she feels it was the BEST thing to ever happen to her.

The Enlightening, a paranormal romance by Adrianne James has so many twists and turns that the reader does not see coming. I was enthralled throughout and blown away by the totally unpredictable turn of events. This book is truly amazing, and I am waiting NOT SO PATIENTLY for the third installment!

5 stars!

***I received an advanced reader’s copy from the Author’s publicist for a fair and honest review.



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