Book Review: The Tempering, by Adrianne James

thetemperingMackenzie Duncan is a freshman at Harvard University studying mythology & folklore, and seemingly off to a great start. That is until on the way home from a football game when she is attacked by a wolf. From that day forward, Mackenzie’s life is never the same again…

She loses her job, drops out of a prestigious university, and starts to develop strange symptoms. Mackenzie has become a werewolf.

She runs away, afraid of what she has become, and afraid to hurt the ones around her. In her travels she meets a new family, who have all the answers and swear to protect her. Among the family, a man named Geoff, who makes her feel safer than she had since before her world was turned upside down.

But Mackenzie is unable to control her instincts, and soon the bitten becomes the biter, and she sires a man named Liam.

Now Mackenzie is caught within a love triangle, and she has to make the choice between Geoff and Liam.

This was my first werewolf romance, and it was certainly a nice change of pace! Introducing Liam into the story was a twist I did not expect. I’m torn as to who I want to see Mackenzie with. I’m very curious to see where Adrianne James  will take her readers with that. I loved the drama between Mackenzie, Geoff, and Liam and hope it continues into the next story. All of the werewolf politics were a nice added touch.

The Tempering by Adrianne James blew me away. 5 stars!

***I received an E-Copy of this book from the Author’s publicist for a fair & honest review.




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