My Interview with Romance Author Nadine Christian

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Today I am interviewing Romance Author Nadine Christian! I recently reviewed her island romances “Remembering Love”, “Home Again, Home Again”, and “Quintal’s Return”, all of which I am crazy for and HIGHLY recommend. It was great to escape from the cold weather currently in New England into the remote tropical Island that is Pitcairn. Nadine Christian has offered to give away three PDF E-Books of the above titles to three lucky winners so that they too can escape the winter doldrums. The rafflecopter giveaway will be offered soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Hi Nadine, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Could you please tell us a bit about your background?

Hi yourself, Miss April. Thank you for having me here today, I’m particularly honoured because you’ve made me feel so appreciated! 🙂

I’m a mom of five beautiful kids, living on the most isolated and infamous Mutineer retreat, Pitcairn Island. Fletcher Christian found it after searching for months after the Mutiny on the HMAV Bounty – it was mischarted – but I found the island twelve years ago, meant to stay six months and never left!

I love the way you have represented Pitcairn Island in your novels. I can see why you would have stayed! Is the Island exactly how you portray it in your books? Pitcairn-Island

It’s as beautiful as I portray it – well I hope to be able to write the description that I see – to do it justice. As I sit here typing these replies to you, I’m wrapped in a towel, my hair dripping, just fresh from a swim. The water at the Landing (our harbor) was warm, the sun had heated it throughout the day, and it’s so clear you can count the stones at the bottom, see the large white sandy part in the middle, and almost reach out to pick the seaweed at the edges… Just gorgeous.

The people…Some of them are nasty pieces of work aren’t they? LOL! They’re a patchwork quilt of every emotion I’ve ever seen or heard, and I hope I never meet them here!  The generosity of the people is right on the button though. I think I wrote about Holly coming home to Pitcairn to find her new house clean and tidy, a loaf of fresh bread and fruit awaiting her. Well, that’s what we do here. If someone’s due back, you sweep their floors, make sure they have milk in the fridge, and bread to eat. Then we all arrive down at their house at dinner time with a dish of something hot to eat. Not only to welcome them back, but we know they’d be tired from the ship journey home…so why let them cook too!

That is so great! As long as they aren’t dropping off fruit and a loaf of bread to snoop like Maise did when she delivered those items for Holly, in “Remembering Love”, lol!

What books have you written? Do you write Island Romances exclusively?

Apart from the three romances you’ve mentioned, I have two more coming out. Quintal’s Quandary, which is the third in the Bounty’s Retreat series. (I’ll give you a taste of that book later. That’s due for release just in time for Valentine’s day 2014.

I also have a young adult novel called “Discovering Daniel” coming out in March. That’s a whole different kettle of fish…literally!

Great! I can’t wait to read both!

remembering_loveIn “Remembering Love”, Holly has a lot of emotional baggage, and yet that doesn’t turn off Jack. If anything, he seems to want to fix her, make her whole again. What is it about Holly that makes her so special to Jack? Wouldn’t most men be running for the hills?

Jack and Holly were childhood friends, so I think I wanted him to be keen to meet back up with her when she came home to Pitcairn. What he didn’t realize was the barrage of emotions she’d bring up within him when he saw her.

He knew instantly she was the reason he’d never found the ‘right’ girl. She was who he was waiting for.

I think Jack is the guy we all want. He’s patient, and he’s strong emotionally. He knew Holly had ‘stuff’ and was prepared to help her work through it…with a little selfish streak. He knew she had feelings for him too, so all the better to sort out the mystery of her parents – and then maybe she’d fall into his arms!

And she sure did! 🙂

In “Quintal’s Return”, Jen and Kate come to Pitcairn to open up a beautiful hotel that can make or break the island. I loved the premise for this story.  Kate meets Bryce, and they both fall in love slowly but surely. Meanwhile, Bryce’s ex Celia is hell bent on revenge… quintalsreturn

I felt a strange attachment to your villain Celia. Crippled by depression and mental illness, she was unable to get over Bryce and move forward. Is this the last we will hear from Celia? Or will she find love someday too?

I liked Celia too, April. She’s flawed. She’s an every person. She does what we’d LOVE to do if someone pissed us off, dumped us or treated us wrong. The thing with Celia is that she just doesn’t know when to stop, and once she heads down that self-destructive track…it’s too late.

I have a feeling she may come back. She needs to find love, someone who will truly see her for the strong woman that she is.

Yay! I was so hoping you would say that!

homeagainIn “Home Again, Home Again”, Connor has spent a lifetime masking his true feelings and thoughts about Tina, mostly for her benefit. –Which drove me crazy. I just wanted to shake him and say, “Tell her how you really feel! You are losing her!” Except when it came to his feelings about Blane, he made those thoughts perfectly clear to anyone who would listen. Why was Connor the only one able to see through Blane’s B.S.? Or did others just not want to tangle with him?

Ugh. Didn’t Blane just toast your undies? He was so smooth that no one saw it coming. Connor had stumbled (literally) on his two-faced side, everyone else was blind to it.  Marty had an inkling, but he’s such a softie that he believes the best of people.

Even when Connor tried to warn her, poor old Tina had her blinkers on.

I’m super excited about the third book in the Bounty’s Retreat Series, “Quintal’s Quandary”. What is it about, and when can we expect that to be on shelves? (Author has provided an excerpt at end of interview!)

Aha! This book is Jen’s turn at a little spicy romance. She was my favourite sister, and she was so much fun to let loose on the page.  I can’t wait till February when that one’s out!

Would you mind providing a brief book blurb from “Quintal’s Quandary”, to give your readers a taste of what is yet to come?

A disaster looming on the horizon? Unflappable, Jen Quintal will divert it. She’s a fixer. Confident and fearless, nothing fazes her and no issue is unsolvable.  Until now.

When her best friend Felix drops a bombshell and issues her a shocking ultimatum, Jen is rocked to the core.  With secrets unveiled and heartbreak on the cards, Jen must strive to put into perspective what is precious and real in her life.

When all you do is solve everybody else’s problems, what happens when you find your own life turned upside down and inside out? And what if making the wrong decision means losing your best friend forever?

Excellent! I’m so glad Jen is getting her own story too. She is the perfect “heroine”. Not only is she beautiful, but she is strong, confident and a business woman on top of it all!

Marty was a reoccurring character in all of your Island Romances. (P.S. love him!) If I go to Pitcairn Island, will I be able to hang out at Marty’s man cave? 😉 Is he based on a real person? Or pure fiction?

He is SO based on a real person. There is a Man-Cave and there ARE whale teeth shot glasses. I have left “Marty’s” house on many occasion and realized there is no possible way I can drive home my quad bike without driving it off a cliff. Dangerous.

Hahahaha! That is so great! I knew it! He seemed so real.

Is there anything that I haven’t asked that you would like to include?

tumblr_ml7s9pMP221rq27uuo1_500I just want to say thank you to everyone who reads my work and lets me know what they think – good or bad. Oh heck…thank you for buying the book, basically! *grin*  When I began writing I had no idea what to expect, and knowing there are people out there who enjoy what I’m doing makes it all worthwhile. So, if you love it or hate it…let me know! Please!

How can readers discover more about you and you work?

Check out my website, join me on Facebook or email me!





Twitter: @pitcairngirl

Here is a bit of an excerpt from Quintal’s Quandary:


“Hey, did you catch an eyeful of him this morning?”

Susan looked toward the office door with a confused expression.  “What him? There was a him?”

Jen gave an exasperated grunt.  “The walking, talking pile of M.A.N. who walked through the foyer with Kate, mid-rush this morning.  That’s who him.”

She rolled her eyes at her blank faced friend. Jen couldn’t understand how anybody could have missed something that sexy moving — no, scratch that — strutting, through the hotel atrium.  You could put Brad Pitt, Colin Farrell and a young Marlon Brando in a blender, mix them up till well combined, and still you wouldn’t have come up with the magnificent being that walked through those office doors with Kate.

Biting her lip she stared unseeing at the door. To think that she’d be working closely with him for the four to five months while Kate was away in New Zealand.  The slow and sensual smile that the God had shot her as he’d passed reception had sent tingles to private areas that hadn’t been touched in a very long time.  A grin spread across her face and she stifled a giggle.

It’s been so long since anyone touched down there, I should dust for cobwebs. She gave a mental chuckle at the thought.  It’s been so long since I’ve had sex they may have changed it.   The laughter she’d been choking down escaped in a bubble of giggles.

Susan quirked an eyebrow.  “What are you thinking?”

Flushing slightly, Jen just grinned.  “Nothing that I can say out loud, Susie Q. You’d think I was nuts.”

Susan laughed and turned back to the computer. “Darl, I love ya — but you are a nut.”


Thank you so much Nadine for taking the time to participate in this interview. You have been nothing but wonderful, and myself and your readers both appreciate it!

Thank you! I really enjoyed this, you made me think! Marty say’s “Cheers!”.



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  1. Thank you again — have to admit that I’m a fan of yours….so I have a few things to say…
    1. Getting your email after I requested a review saying that you’d read my book/s…SQUEEEE…
    2. Reading your subsequent reviews…. DOUBLE SQUEE….
    3. Being asked if I would be interviewed and then getting the questions….TRIPLE….well, you get the picture!

    I truly appreciate the time you took to read and share my books with others — let’s make this fun!!!! I know we’re doing a giveaway…I’m going to think of something extra to give to one of your readers who send you proof of purchase! Good idea — yes???


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