Book Review: Remembering Love, by Nadine Christian

remembering_love“When all is lost, how do you remember love?”

Holly returns to her native homeland Pitcairn Island to find out about her deceased parents, learn about where she is from, and fill in the blanks of a life forgotten. Much like her mother, she becomes the subject of rumors and is harassed by a bitter old woman named Maise who stirs up nothing but trouble. As she puts together the puzzle of her past, she leans on Jack, a childhood friend from Pitcairn.

Jack falls in love with Holly, but Maise won’t have any of it, and starts a vicious rumor that even Holly fears may be true. Had it not of been for a tragedy that brought Jack and Holly back together, Holly may have never “remembered love”.

The story opens up with a bang, (literally), and kept me fully interested throughout. Remembering Love, by Nadine Christian had me dabbing at my eyes one moment and laughing the next. The characters are genuine, and the story dramatic. Jack is a one of a kind guy, and he makes for an amazing hero. He can handle Holly with all her baggage, and (understandable) emotional outbursts. It was nice to read a romance that had such a strong drama theme to it. In other words, this wasn’t your regular romantic “light” read.

I loved this story and I’m giving Remembering Love 5 stars!


*** I received an E-Book from the Author in exchange for a fair & honest review.


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