Book Review: Home Again, Home Again, by Nadine Christian


“We may have lived quite separate lives, different lives in between, Tina, but we were meant to be together.”

Tina is home again at Pitcairn Island and divided between two men. Connor, her ex-boyfriend who broke her heart at 15 yrs old, who is now back in her life, and another man named Blane who she just met. As an aircraft engineer, she spends a lot of time with both men. You see, Connor is her boss, and Blane is a pilot.

Blane says all the right things, and Connor has a bad attitude and is less than charming. The choice seems obvious, but rumors are flying that Blane is a womanizer… Should Tina believe Connor? Or will Connor stop at nothing to get Tina back? -Including lying?

I loved this story. It has a lot of twists and turns, plenty of sweet romantic moments, and a much needed happily ever after. Pitcairn Island was a nice setting. It seems like a nice little island that would be worth visiting. The town is small and friendly, and the people look out for each other.

Blane is the kinda character that you love to hate, and hate to love. You want to believe him but you just know something isn’t adding up… Nadine Christian concocted the PERFECT “villian”.

My favorite laugh out loud line in Home Again, Home Again was, “I wish you’d stop talking. I’d love to mourn you right now!” There are so many funny moments to choose from, but this one was hands down hilarious.

This book is the kinda book that I would love to see turned into a movie, and I gave Home Again, Home Again by Nadine Christian 5 stars!



***I received an E-Copy of this book for a fair & honest review.


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