Book Review: Wanton In The Wild West, by Molly Ann Wishlade


“Any woman would be lucky to have these two men in her life. How she wished she could be that woman…”

Two young women find themselves on a train being escorted by two handsome cowboys, Gideon and Harry. Their destination is Deadwood, and they are expected to find respectable husbands for themselves… A daunting thought for Amber.

Amber wants to have one last chance at fun before married life, IF she can ever make that commitment. Maise on the other hand, is more concerned about her reputation. When the train suddenly stops, Amber, the wanton woman, gets her opportunity to experience some fun before her return to Deadwood.

Will Amber be able to live up to her promise to herself? –To give up her body, but not her heart? Or is she kidding herself when she says she is ONLY interested in sex?

Wanton In The Wild West by Molly Ann Wishlade is one hot little read! Plan to fan yourself during all the swoon worthy moments. This is an erotic romance, and has a lot of adult content, including group and anal sex. If cowboys and graphic sex excite you in a story, then be sure to pick up this novella by Molly Ann Wishlade. You will not be disappointed!

I gave this book 4 Stars! 🙂

***I was given an E-Copy of this novella by the Author for a fair & honest review.


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