Book Review: Bone Deep, by Bonnie Dee


** spoiler alert **

It’s 1946, and widow Sarah goes to a carnival with friends. One of the attractions, a freak show featuring a heavily tattooed man on display. Sarah can’t help but to stare… the intricate designs on his body are fascinating. Sarah finds this stranger beautiful.

The next day she discovers him in her hayloft. Panicked she yells at him, and demands to know what he is doing in her barn. She learns that he was held captive by the evil owner of the carnival, and he escaped with nowhere to go. She invites him in for breakfast and learns he is lacking in social skills and desperately needs her help. Her heart tugs at her, and she offers him to stay in her home and provide meals for him, if he helps around the house and in the barn.

Not since her husband died in the war has she had feelings for another man. Her interest grows as they spend more time together. Not in a long time has she felt “alive”. The more she learns about her house guest, the more she becomes intrigued by him.

He becomes more than just her house guest, and she takes him on as a lover. Their days consist of chores, meals, music, reading, and lovemaking. Sarah is very happy with him, and wouldn’t trade him for the world.

He can’t stay hidden forever, and the opportunity arises for him to come out when a young girl goes missing. The town, prejudiced and skeptical, refuses to accept his presence, despite the fact that he was a huge asset to finding the young girl.

Problem after problem arises, and the tattooed man (Tom) decides that Sarah would be better off without him. He feels that he has damaged her reputation and he cannot continue to do that to her. He goes back to carnival life, and to his abusive “owner”.

Sarah does everything she can to find him, refusing to give up on what can be. Only problem is now the Carnival owner is aware of who she is, and when she finds Tom and brings him home, the Carnival owner becomes a real danger. Not only do they experience problems from the community, but now a deranged carnival owner is on their tails…

I loved this story. The cover immediately intrigued me, and the story held my interest page after page. The best way to describe Bone Deep, by Bonnie Dee is that is it can be categorized as an “erotic romance thriller”.

5 very well deserved stars!


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