Book Review: Promises, by Ellen March


Alex lives a quiet unassuming life, working for a library, burying herself in books and drinking wine out of a tumbler. Her mother nags at her constantly… to get married, have children, and to have a breast reduction. However, Alex isn’t interested in romantic relationships, and would rather settle for “Roger” her vibrator, and a good erotic romance novel. When “Roger” is out of commission, she heads to the sex shop to pick out a new vibrator, and then to the nearby hotel to test it out…

In her excitement, she winds up in somebody else’s room. Lucky for her that somebody is handsome, multi-millionare hotelier, Solomon Avery.

Solomon comes home to find a strange woman sleeping in his hotel bed. Thinking she is somebody else, he climbs in with her and gives her the best sex of her life. Conquest over, they return to their lives.

Only thing is, Solomon isn’t ready to let go of Alex just quite yet…

Promises by Ellen March is an erotic romance with some of the hottest sex scenes I have ever read in a book. I mean really, they are out of this world! There is never a dull moment between Alex and Solomon. Either they are screwing each other senseless, or close to throttling each other out of anger. The passion is all consuming, making this book a page turner!

This book will not disappoint fans of erotic romance! 5 stars!


***I received an Advanced Release Copy of this book for a fair & honest review.


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