Book Review: Where Their Hearts Collide, by Zoe York


Karen and Paul couldn’t have possibly met at a worse time… She is about to leave their small town and pursue her dreams of getting her masters in library sciences, and he is balancing his life between his job as a cop and raising his pre-teenage daughter as a single parent. Dating and beginning a relationship is totally out of the question for these two, but are they just avoiding the inevitable?

Karen is full of sass, and Paul has a touch of that brusque attitude that builds the tension during their budding romance. Living next to each other and having a shared driveway, they can’t help but to run into each other. Over time they come to depend on each other, physically and emotionally.

This novel has a high heat level; the couple have phone sex one night, and flirt shamelessly. Still uncertain of where their relationship could possibly go, they convince themselves that they can have one hot night, ONLY, and then the next day go back to being friends. Karen propositions Paul, asking him if he is as good in person as he is on the phone. Paul of course happily accepts this challenge…

Their hearts collide when Karen learns that her brother has been in a bad car accident, and Paul swoops in and takes care of her travel arrangements, provides comfort to her, and checks in on her frequently. She realizes at this point that she does need him, and is willing to see where their relationship will go. -Despite the fact that she will be leaving shortly to attend college for a year. Paul supports her decision to the fullest, and would rather wait for her for a year, than to not have her in his life at all.

Where Their Hearts Collide, by Zoe York is a sizzling small town romance that I enjoyed reading. I would recommend this novel to anyone who is interested in an erotic romance with a sweet ending that the reader will root for all along.

collide2  Zoe York has a new reader and fan!

***I was provided with an ARC of Where Their Hearts Collide, by Zoe York for a fair and honest review.


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