Book Review: Copper Girl, By Jennifer Allis Provost


I was lucky enough to get an advanced release copy of this book and let me tell you, I REALLY enjoyed this story! And this is coming from someone who has absolutely no interest in fantasy books. It was just that good.

The story centers around a young woman named Sara. She works at an office as a quarterly report collator, has a small tidy apartment, and she goes out for drinks at a local bar with her co-workers, including her best frenemy,  Julianna. Sara lives a relatively ordinary, simple life. However, there is nothing ordinary about Sara. She was born into a magical bloodline, and she wears the mark of a copper raven on her back.


During her lunch break she dozes off in her car, and dreams about a sexy elf with silver hair named Micah who comes to ravish her. When she wakes up, she notices her panties are gone. Assuming it was a squirrel, she returns to work and keeps her legs crossed for the rest of the afternoon. It isn’t till later that evening when she dozes off again that she is reunited with Micah. At this point she learns she has the gift of ‘Dream-walking’, and that Micah is as real as she is. He also wears a mark on his back, and is aware of Sara’s magical abilities. A side of her she has hidden all her life, but with Micah, she is free to embrace it and be herself. Once again, her panties disappear.

Micah gives Sara a beautiful token, made of silver and amber, so she can safely walk in his world.


She enters his amazing forest and silver abode, and she is overwhelmed by its beauty. Surrounded by Silverkin, they drink a special drink and Sara confides in Micah about her family; including her beloved brother who had been taken by the Peacekeepers ten years ago. She misses him very much, and together they take steps to reunite her entire family,(minus her Father),so that they can be whole again. Through this extremely dangerous and risky journey, Sara and Micah absolutely fall head over heels in love.

I’m really excited that this is the first in a four book series. Jennifer Allis Provost now has me HOOKED on these fantasy books. By her descriptions, I could see the landscape of the magical forest so vividly, that I felt like I was there with Sara and Micah. It was a wonderful experience to read this story, and I’m so glad this isn’t the end, and that I have three more books to look forward to.

Five stars, all the way!


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