Book Review: Such a Pretty Girl, By Laura Wiess


Such a Pretty Girl is a novel about a courageous 15 yr old girl who is forced to face the man who raped her after a brief 3 yr prison sentence. This man is her father, and he is coming home…
She takes the burden of becoming ‘jail bait’, setting cameras up in their home to catch what she knows will happen next. It wasn’t only one time. In fact he raped the entire neighborhood, and old habits don’t, and won’t die.
Her disabled catholic boyfriend was also a victim at her father’s hands, but he gets his justice, in a way the reader will not see coming.
This book amazed me, I didn’t expect the ending. A fascinating, albeit sometimes disgusting read. I would highly recommend this book. It truly is amazing…

madonna statue photo: Madonna and Child Madona1.jpg

“The ache starts in my chest and spreads through my veins. The abuse I can handle; it’s the happiness that cripples.” 



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