Book Review: Bad Boys Do, By Victoria Dahl


I hated putting this book down. I must admit I’m a little bit disappointed that I finished it already. Good thing there is a part three so I can still read about this hilarious trio.

This story followed Tessa’s kilt wearing brother Jaime Donovan, the wild, bad boy of the family. However, he doesn’t mean to be bad, he is just largely misunderstood. Jaime has made a lot of mistakes in his past, which older brother Eric reminds him of nearly every day.


In the brewery taproom where he works, he meets prim and proper, divorced,(not to mention older), Olivia Bishop. Even though she doesn’t drink, or even like beer, her book club meets in the taproom to discuss anything BUT the book. -Much to her surprise.

Jaime is ready to grow up and take more responsibility, but with his past it is difficult for anyone to take him seriously. Olivia wants to believe Jaime isn’t playing her, but from what she has heard she isn’t so sure. But just in case he is telling her the truth, she goes along for the ride and tries her hardest to not get her heart involved.

Together they grow as people; Olivia begins to trust Jaime, and together they pursue their dreams that they never thought possible. Together, they make the impossible a reality.
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