Book Review: Family Patterns, By Kristin Eckhardt


Family Patterns is a fictitious mystery novel about a vintage quilt restorer named Sarah, with a knack for not only piecing together quilts, but family mysteries also.

Sarah’s son Jason moves his family into Sarah’s late grandfather’s Victorian house. A shroud of mystery surrounds Sarah’s grandparents. Her grandmother went missing 90 years ago, and her grandfather was suspected of her disappearance. Sarah doesn’t believe the rumors, and she makes it her mission to discover what really happened to her grandmother 90 years ago.

As she pieces together a vintage quilt made by her missing grandmother, (that was discovered in the old Victorian), she discovers clues along the way that lead her to the truth of her disappearance.

I didn’t realize this till half way through the book, but Guideposts, a Christian publisher, published this book. There isn’t a heavy Christian theme throughout this book, so it can be read and enjoyed by a diverse audience.

The story itself is interesting, but it read slow at times. I gave this book three stars.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic How I pictured the house.

molasses-cookies Sarah’s grandmother’s infamous spice cookies.


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