Book Review: Goodbye to Yesterday, by Wanda E. Brunstetter


Goodbye to Yesterday, by Wanda E. Brunstetter is a short but sweet Amish romance set in modern times. It is the first in the six book Lancaster County saga.

If you think Amish romances are boring, you couldn’t possibly be anymore wrong. There is a reason Brunstetter is a NY Times Best Selling Author… Her stories are interesting, intriguing, and even a bit suspenseful.

Luke and Meredith are off to a rough start as newlyweds… They should be experiencing newlywed bliss, but instead they are struggling to meet ends meet since Luke was recently laid off from his job at a furniture store. When Luke gets a phone call from his uncle offering him ownership of his business, he happily accepts it, and heads out to Indiana. Is this an opportunity of a lifetime? Or should Luke have listened to his wife’s reservations and stayed home?

Luke crosses paths with a drug addicted drifter and his life changes forever. His wife’s concern turns out to be well warranted. But was there a bigger reason for them to have crossed paths? And what will become of Luke and Meredith when the truth hangs in the balance, and reality is not real at all?



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