Book Review: White Cat, by Holly Black


Cassel comes from a family of Curse Workers; people who have the amazing power to change your feelings with the the touch of their bare hands. They can change your memories, your luck, and your state of mind, and because of this they are very powerful and feared by regular citizens. This practice is also very illegal… In this world everyone is forced to wear gloves for protection.

Despite living among Curse Workers, Cassel attempts to live a normal life. However, the illusion of normalcy that Cassel has created around himself begins to crack when a little white cat enters his subconscious, and then to his surprise, his waking life too.

Cassel’s brothers have been hiding something from him all his life, and Cassel is determined to find out just what this is, even if his brothers are trying to protect him from it.

In a world where his family wants to hide something from him, and a cat wants to tell him something, will Cassel be able to handle the truth and come out unscathed?

Holly Black has created a story about Curse Workers, Con-artists, Magic, Family, Romance, and a little white cat who is so much more than what she appears… I absolutely LOVED this story, and I can finally say that I like YA novels! -Yay, I’ve been wanting to for sooo long. 4 Stars!



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