Book Review: Call of the Jersey Devil, by Aurelio Voltaire


** spoiler alert ** I absolutely loved Call of the Jersey Devil, by Aurelio Voltaire. It actually made me miss being a teenager. I identified so much with the character Prudence. It was a wonderful read…

Five goth kids head over to a poorly promoted festival/concert featuring a washed up goth singer, Villy Bats. When they arrive, they realize that besides the arrogant singer, lack of a stage, or any sign of a music festival… they are the only ones there. Unable to return home due to their totaled van about a mile or so down the road, they try to make the best of it, and take shelter in a cabin on the property.

Villy gets off his high horse and comes down to earth, and just in time too. It turns out the mythological Jersey devil is very real, and he is right outside their cabin door. Unfortunately, the music festival happens to take place over the entrance to hell, and tonight the gates are open unleashing hoards of demons, and foul ghouls.

The owner of the cabin, who happens to be a witch, comes home surprised to find a bunch of goth teens and a singer in her cabin. With her help and leadership, they venture out and face off against the evil that awaits them…

Call of the Jersey Devil is a page-turner! Loved it from the first page to the last. 5 stars!



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