Book Review: Wickham’s Folly, by Anne Kelleher


I sat down and finished this book within one sitting, it was really just that good…

Evie Alexander is a writer married to a rich research scientist, 25 years her senior. While her sex life with her husband isn’t as passionate as it used to be, she is comfortable in the life they have together, and she looks forward to their ten year anniversary. Then Evie meets with a psychic who turns her world upside down…

Twenty years ago, Evie had a brief yet passionate relationship with a boy named Charles Wickham. He has crossed her mind from time to time, and his family’s estate has made an appearance in her latest book. When the psychic tells her, “He has been looking for you. He can never forget you,” Evie can’t help but to wonder if this person may be her long lost love, Charles Wickham…

Super sexy, thrilling, and erotic with an excellent story that kept me interested throughout. I look forward to the sequel to see what happens next! Praise for Anne Kelleher! 5 stars!


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