Book Review: Heir to the Sun



Heir to the Sun, by Jennifer Allis Provost, is a romantic-fantasy about elves, faeries, demons, kings, queens, and even priestesses!

King Sahlgren, the Faerie King, selfishly hands his faeries over to demons, in order to extend Parthalon’s borders. He essentially makes a deal with the devil, disregarding his own people to further his reign. His faeries are beaten, raped, and abused horribly, but they hold out hope that “Asherah” will come to free them. When two of the imprisoned slaves, Hillel and Torim, realize it is their King who has enslaved them, they realize it is up to them to save themselves.

Meanwhile, an unlikely relationship is forming between a Priestess, Alluria, and a guard, Caol’nir who was hired by King Sahlgren to watch her. In their case, love knows no bounds.

Hillel,(later known as Asherah), once enslaved and now free, very bravely leads the imprisoned slaves to freedom, while burning down other prison-camps as they go. She frees every imprisoned faerie along their path, and together they all venture to King Lormac for his help. Asherah and King Lormac also fall in love, despite their vast differences.

The characters come together when Caol’nir joins Asherah in her rebellion. Caol’nir learns that his King is not the noble man he thought he was; despite being taught to love, fear, and respect the King no matter what, or else! When he finds Alluria on her back, seconds away from being raped by a demon, he swoops in and destroys the demon to save Alluria. He learns that King Sahlgren is once again to blame, as he promised Alluria to the Demon-lord.

In a vicious battle, King Lormac is killed, and Asherah is devastated. Asherah becomes the Queen of Parthalon, but life isn’t sweet, as she would throw it all away just to be with King Lormac again.

Alluria, (who has since learned that she is incredibly the daughter of the Sun God), and Caol’nir go on and live a happy existence. She bears several of his children, with their fifth child on the way. They feel this child is destined for great things.

I enjoyed reading this book both for its romantic and fantasy elements. The sweet, yet forbidden love between both Alluria and Caol’nir, and Asherah and King Lormac kept me turning the pages. Anyone with a strong interest in fantasy, with lots and lots of romance would enjoy this book. Five stars!



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