Book Review: Death and Mr. Right


Death and Mr. Right, by Kendra Saunders, is a dark-romantic-comedy that I was lucky enough to get an advanced release copy of from a friend. I really enjoyed the absolutely lovable characters, and the grab-your-ribs side splitting humor interjected through-out the book!

On March 32nd, the day that doesn’t exist, blue haired Death is banished from his beloved job of causing nightmares, and forced to live among mortals, because in addition to losing important paperwork, he dared to develop romantic feelings toward a pink haired girl named Lola.

Lola is a streetwise thief, who makes her living off picking pockets, and dirty deeds given to her by her boss Wellington. One of her orders is to keep an eye on Death, although Death of course, doesn’t know this.

They meet up again in a cafe, and Death demands she give him back his paperwork. She then learns about his abilities,(as the executor of nightmares), and agrees to help him. Her help consists of giving him a place to live, and teaching him how to survive on the streets.

Meanwhile, a mean spirited Jessica develops an alliance with Wellington to make sure Death doesn’t get his job back. Jessica wants to take over and become the next executor of nightmares.

Death and Lola’s romantic bond develops as they traverse the city, dodging Agents, Lola’s boss Wellington, (who thinks he is in love with Lola, courtesy of Mr. Right/Cupid), and pesky reapers!

Mr. Right is then also exiled, and he meets up with Death to tell him about the wicked plan Jessica is devising, also breaking the news to him that Lola was hired to watch him. When Death learns that Lola was hired to watch him he is devastated… He confronts her and she sheepishly admits it is the truth.

Despite this, he returns to her apartment and professes that he enjoys spending time with her. Lola concurs this, and tells him she didn’t keep him around ONLY because her boss instructed her to. Together, they decide they need to stop Jessica before it is too late!

Again, I LOVED this story! I can’t even tell you how HILARIOUS it is! 5 stars!



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